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Week three of the Overwatch Collegiate Clash saw the debut of UT-Dallas and the first week without the juggernauts of Utah. With the power vaccum turned up to 10. Who would step up to the plate and take advantage? Here are the standings after Week 3’s results. (Bolded teams did not play/bye week).

  • Utah 16
  • UNLV 16
  • Mississippi 14
  • CU Boulder 10
  • Texas A&M 8
  • University of Texas at Dallas 6
  • Boise State 6
  • Wichita State 6
  • George Mason University 4
  • Oklahoma 4

The format of the Collegiate Clash is very similar to Call of Duty League. Every week is a separate 8 team tournament style bracket where the winner walks away with the most points (4 teams will have bye weeks). At the end of 7 weeks the top 4 teams will face off in a final bracket for the championship.

Top Teams

1. University of Utah

If anything the bye week let us know just how good Utah actually is. Seeing the next closest team, UNLV, get taken to the brink by UT-Dallas didn’t bode well for anyone but the Utes. Every match this week was messier and was prone to singular carries, something that Utah seemed to pinpoint out during their wins. It will be interesting to see how they handle the ascendant UT – Dallas.

2. University of Nevada – Las Vegas

UNLV took total advantage of an aggressive meta. With no Mei in the Hero Pool, the Rebels darted around the map with ease. KevinDurant’s, Doomfist and WildWingBat’s Reaper were all over the opposition and netted them the weekend’s title. But it wasn’t all positive for UNLV. They couldn’t sweep Mississippi State, who continue to show promise and UT-Dallas nearly reverse swept them. While they still look very strong UNLV still has room for improvement, but if they can dive or play aggressively they are a force.

3. University of Texas – Dallas

The debut for University of Texas – Dallas couldn’t have gone better. Well, perhaps if the actually DID pull off the reverse sweep against UNLV. UT Dallas took the weekend by storm making short work of Boisie St. and UC Boulder, but there match vs UNLV was truly impressive. Even though it was a losing effort, UT-Dallas looks like it could be a true contender to Utah.

4. Mississippi State University

Stock fell a little bit for MSU as they failed to get out of the second round for the second straight week. However, it does seem like they fell victim to the Hero Pools this week as COB’s favored McCree banned out they were forced to play Doomfist. They never really looked comfortable in the compositions without a strong hitscan player, and thus they go out early.

5. University of Colorado – Boulder

Here because simply everyone else isn’t up to snuff. UC Boulder sit at the point which separates the really good teams from the under-performing ones. While they have more points than UT-Dallas they were utterly decimated by the Comets. If form continues UC will make the playoffs but it is uncertain if they could even come close to the form of the top four.

If you want to check out the replay of the week 3 action, you are able to check it out below!

UMG Overwatch Collegiate Clash – Season 1 – Week 3

UMGGaming – UMG Overwatch Collegiate Clash – Season 1 – Week 3 – Overwatch – Twitch

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