1 Columbia College
2University of Delaware
3University of Texas at Austin
4 Michigan State University
5 State university of New York – Stony Brook
6 Illinois Wesleyan University
7 University of North Carolina
8 Rochester Institute of Technology
9 University of Southern California
10 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • After the fall of Harrisburg and UBC, Columbia college claims the top spot in our power rankings. Will they fall like Harrisburg and British Columbia before then, or do they have the strength to go all the way and win the playoffs? Time will tell. 
  • Delaware managed to take down UBC in an exciting 2-1 series. Next up they’ll be facing either RIT or MSU – another tough challenger. 
  • UIUC: One of our new teams and for good reason! UIUC have taken down though opponents such as Johns Hopkins and UC Berkeley. Their road doesn’t get any easier, as they’ll be up against USC or university of Texas at Austin – but UIUC have proven themselves capable to overcome a challenge!