This February we are taking the time to celebrate Black gamers and content creators of all sorts for Black History Month. This week we talked to Tyrelle Appleton. He’s the esports director for New England College and is now the brand ambassador for Unikrn and Unicorn of Love. We talked to Tyrelle about his start as a game as well as some of his feelings on how gaming can improve diversity.

Tyrelle: Just all like gender, race aside, like just, hire good people that have good values, that are dedicated, respectful, open minded, like all that gender and color stuff doesn’t matter. Like I understand in some places geographically, it may be hard to do that, but you can hire remotely. You know that that is an option. And that’s what I love about esports because it breaks the barriers in business and then what those traditions look like. So there’s really no excuse for any company not to offer an equal opportunity for anyone, you know.

Tyrell Appleton on Gaming Diversity.

You can listen to our entire conversation with Tyrelle below!