Central Maine Community College Esports Profile

Central Maine Community College is a public two-year school located in Auburn, Maine, with a varsity esports program. The college has one of the lowest tuition rates in New England, with an annual fee of $6,540 ($3,720 in-state). Various student aid programs and academic scholarships help students pay for their tuition by maintaining a consistent academic profile. 

The college features an expanded esports lineup with eleven gaming titles, including Counter-Strike (CS): GO, FIFA, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Madden, Overwatch, NBA 2K, Fortnite, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, and Super Smash Bros. Central Maine Community College participates in multiple esports competitions throughout the year through NACE (National Association of Collegiate Esports). 

An Affordable Choice

Central Maine Community College is one of the most affordable educational institutions that currently offer esports programs. The program has the lowest cost of any undergraduate program in the New England region, and the affordability and short duration of most undergraduate courses (up to 2 years) make it an attractive option for students. In addition to the 2-year programs, the college also offers a third-year advanced certification option so students can continue pursuing their degrees and make strides in their esports careers at the same time.

The Greater New England League

Although the program is still relatively new in the collegiate esports scene, the faculty and administration are working to develop their own esports league. The league is expected to be titled ‘The Greater New England League’ and will accommodate the entire varsity lineup currently offered by the college, unlike NACE (National Association of Collegiate Esports) and ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference) that only support four titles from the current roster, namely Madden, NBA 2K, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

Free Training Camps

Central Maine Community College offers free training camps for most of the games in its lineup, including a League of Legends and Hearthstone. The training camps and tryouts are held simultaneously in the state-of-the-art Kirk Hall gaming facility at the college. These camps are a good way for the college to keep the gaming culture alive on campus and attract potential recruits to the esports program. Interested students can participate in these camps to sharpen their skills and have better chances of success in the varsity team tryouts. 

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Despite the raging global pandemic and the social isolation resulting from lockdowns and quarantines, the college has not stopped its virtual esports events. The Central Maine esports program has consistently conducted online gaming events to keep its varsity recruits on top of their game. Students can participate in various gaming events from the comfort of their personal battlestations at their homes, and stream their gameplay to various streaming platforms, including Twitch and YouTube. Once the global health crisis gets better and normal life resumes, the college will not only update its gaming lineup to include Call of Duty and Valorant but also upgrade its inventory of gaming consoles to their next-generation counterparts. 

Become a Mustang

Central Maine Community College offers one of the most affordable esports programs in the United States, with a diverse gaming lineup and well-equipped gaming facility. Multiple esports academic and career opportunities are also offered at the college for students who want to contribute to the growth of the esports industry.

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