Who will be the new X-Men in the MCU? With the mutants film rights squarely back in the hands of Disney and Marvel, it’s only a matter of time. The FoX-Men went through two different iterations, with decreasing popularity from fans. However, now that they’re back in the capable hands of Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios, hopes are high that the X-Men will rise again.

New Mutants

Despite Fox producing such block dumpster films as Age of Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix, fans are eager for new X-Men films. One of the worries when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was coming out, was that people would have Spidey fatigue. The Andrew Garfield movies weren’t as well-received as the Tobey Maguire films and even the last one of those is poorly remembered. But the way Marvel handled Spider-Man offers us some clues as to how to go about a new X-Men movie revival.

The first lesson is out with the old, don’t try to recreate something that’s already been done. At least not yet. For the Mutants you want something familiar, something fans will latch onto but you need a new way to present it. With that in mind, Robbie, Ben, and guest Norris talk about their perfect mutant line-up on this episode of the Other Identity. Everyone agrees that Wolverine needs to take a break. But they don’t need a completely new line-up of mutants. A mixture of familiar faces with better stories is a great way to revive the franchise.

New Story

The other hurdle in the way of the next X-Men movie is the story. Fox used a lot of the great, well-known stories and you don’t want to tread that ground again so soon. The Other Identity crew agree that instead of a big world-ending bad, settle on someone lesser-known. A charismatic antagonist that can take control of the new ‘mutant problem’ cropping up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The public opinion and fear of mutants should be at the center of the film. The story is how our heroes navigate it, the outcome of which sets up the future of the X-Men in the MCU.

For more on what that might look like and to find out who the Other Identity team should be on the new X-Men, download and listen now!

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