The dynamic duo of Robbie Landis and Ben Morse is back once again for another episode of the Other Identity. The Other Identity is a podcast about exploring the culture created by comic books. This week Robbie and Ben visit the news bag to discuss some of the biggest headlines over the past month. Ben also tries to convince Robbie that the old Arrowverse and newly re-branded CWverse is worth watching.

Breaking News and Rumors

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, new Marvel and DC movies have been put on near-infinite hiatus. Both Wonder Woman 1984 and Black Widow keep getting their release dates pushed back. Despite that, the rumors and news surrounding the comic movie and TV industry have not slowed down. From the news that Olivia Wilde is directing a Marvel movie, to rumors that it may be Spider-Woman. It was also announced that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will both be portraying Batman in the upcoming Flashpoint movie. Robbie and Ben also talk about the casting of She-Hulk and rumors that Jonathan Majors will play Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man 3. It’s all discussed on this episode of The Other Identity.

The Birth of the CWVerse

Since the epic events of last year’s cross-over event on what was formerly known as the Arrowverse, the CW has re-branded their superhero universe. With the death of Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, in Crisis on Infinite Earths and the ending of Arrow it was perhaps time for a name change. The Flash may be coming upon its final season, Black Lightning is now in the official timeline and more changes are coming. A new Batwoman will be taking up the mantle and Superman and Lois will tackle the troubles of parenthood. Can Ben talk Robbie into reinvesting in the newly minted CWVerse or is there just too much Arrowverse left in it? To find out, download and list to this week’s episode now!

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