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College students across the globe are looking for ways to make their break into the esports industry. But not every gamer is going to get a chance at playing in the big matches. Some students will coach those players, others will design the jerseys they wear. And some want to even design and create the esports of the future. There’s a massive scope of careers in esports that you might not normally think of. Positions like sales, team psychology, and human resources are all vital in esports as the space matures. In order to help guide the next generation of esports professionals, Evil Geniuses created “The Genius League”. CPOC talked to folks EG to talk about the Evil Geniuses discord server. And they share just how important it is for orgs to be involved in career training.

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EG’s Culture Program Specialist, Sabrina Wong, and Collegiate Lead, Anthony Scala, explained their foray into college esports. We asked how important was it for them to create something that helps more than just esports athletes. We know that there are esports degree programs, but we aren’t hearing much about orgs doing much to bring in new back end talent. Here’s what they had to say.

How do we continue to cultivate a healthy community within the collegiate space that not only serves as something that is for fun or something to[…]kill your time and make friends, but also, some of that makes you feel like you’re making waves during a time where you’re not able to go to those networking events? You’re not able to go to the conventions and hit up a team manager like I did and get an opportunity. You take your shots some other way.

And, you know, we cultivated the Genius League discord to serve as a hub for this. It is both a professional and a community discord where you’re able to acquire skills that help you get into the industry. And these events all run into that, whether it’s resumé nights, staff talk nights, genius seminars where we have educational panels, where you speak with the staff of evil geniuses that have all different kinds of journeys and plans. You have that opportunity, get those touchpoints. So you’re able to cultivate that kind of experience that you need during a time where you can’t get that anywhere else, unfortunately. Right. We want to provide that kind of resource to our students to make sure that they feel like they’re ready to enter the job market and kill it.

EG Culture Program Specialist – Sabrina Wong

In addition to the Evil Geniuses Discord server, EG also sponsored a summer invitational competition alongside UCLA. And with the school year starting with limited contact sports don’t be shocked to see more orgs follow EG’s lead. If esports are going to keep growing then back end staffing is critical. Hopefully, this creates partnerships were more teams/orgs to help guide students into the esports careers that they love.


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