The dynamic duo of Robbie Landis and Ben Morse is back once again for another episode of the Other Identity. The Other Identity is a podcast about exploring the culture created by comic books. This week Robbie and Ben go over all the major announcements from DC’s FanDome event. In a year with no Comic-Con and Marvel movies being delayed, did DC Comics just flex on the competition? Absolutely.

The First of It’s Kind

DC FanDome was the first event of it’s kind. With most industries being put on hold and going digital amid Covid-19, putting on a good streaming event is essential. Between the gaming industry, which is inherently digital and has nearly mastered the art, and esports which thrives in it…DC Comics pulled off a miracle. That’s saying a lot, not just for DC Comics but for the fact that it was the first-ever event of it’s kind.

For 12 hours they streamed non-stop content from trailer reveals, to video game reveals to panels with the biggest stars in comic books. We got new surprises, updates on anticipated titles, and panels seeking to address the status quo. There was never a dull moment and never a dead one either. The fact DC Comics pulled off a stream of this size without a single countdown timer to fill the gaps was impressive.

Trailers, Trailers, Trailers

While I personally loved watching the cast of Wonder Woman play a modified version of Werewolf. Or finding out that Venus Williams is a huge Wonder Woman fan. The news that shook social media and is still the talk of nerd circles is the movie and game trailers. We received a new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, the first look at James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, and even a Snyder Cut trailer for the Justice League. Director Matt Reeves even dropped a surprising trailer for Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

But it wasn’t just movies, we finally saw the long rumored Gotham Knights video game featuring the extended Bat Family as playable characters. Plus, after a cryptic teaser from Rocksteady Studios, we got a full 4-minute trailer on their next big game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. To find out more and hear what Robbie and Ben and have to say, then download this week’s episode now!

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