Screenshot: Harley Quinn Season 1 Trailer, DC Universe

When Warner Brothers and DC Comics first announced DC Universe, I was skeptical. The world of the streaming platform is becoming more bloated by the day and even Marvel content is packaged into Disney Plus. The Titans show got me to try DC Universe, but I didn’t stick around to see it finish. Then Kaley Cuocuo was cast as Harley Quinn in an animated show that reminded me of the animated reality TV show Drawn Together from 2004. I was officially out. Until I got dragged back in because this show f#$&%^* awesome.

The Details

Here’s what you need to know, the second season of the Harley Quinn Animated Series premiers April 3rd. It’s likely if you’re reading this, it’s all set for you dive into. If you haven’t seen season one yet, you’ve got something to binge this week during your Self Isolation thanks to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The Harley Quinn Animated Series is only availible on DC’s streaming service, DC Universe which runs you $7.99month.

The show takes place shortly after Harley Quinn (Kaley Cucoco, Big Bang Theory) breaks up with The Joker (Alan Tudyk, Firefly). Most of the first season is the all to real struggles of trying to move on from an abusive relationship. Through these tough times and villainous shenanigans Harley teams up with Poison Ivy (Lake Bell, BoJack Horseman) as well as Clayface, King Shark, Dr. Psycho and more. The show sports a stellar voice acting cast including Ron Funches, Tony Hale, Diedrich Blader, Jason Alexander and more.

Why You Should Watch

Besides the fact that DC Universe also gives you access to DC Comics entire library, Harley Quinn marks an important turning point for comic book culture in the main stream. Marvel may lead the world in Cinematic Experiences, but WB and DC are doing something far different and necessary on TV and streaming. They’re normalizing the mythos of these characters in everyday like by allowing us to experience them in different ways. It doesn’t have to all be connected, it doesn’t all have to be kid or family friend. Big warning, Harley Quinn IS NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY. But that’s ok, because something like the CW’s Arrowverse and Flash are. That’s the importance of Harley Quinn, it’s allowing creators to tell another facet of the character.

There is somewhere around 70-80 years worth of comic book history for some character in DC and Marvel. There is no one true story or way to tell a story. Creators need to be able to take these characters, these places and narratives and run with them. Comics were just the beginning and in another 70-80 years there will be just as much to explore in cartoons, TV shows and movies.

Bottom line: Go watch Harley Quinn it’s amazing.

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