The college esports world caught fire with the news of a major brand acquisition. The esports social app, eFuse, purchased the College Call of Duty League this month. The move gives them a major leg up in the College esports world as well as control of one of the most well-organized college competitions in the land.

Not A Dropshot In The Dark

The College Call Of Duty League, or CCL, is a third-party esports season-long event that’s operated since 2019. Over the past couple of years, the volunteer-led CCL team built the brand into one of the most trusted in all of college esports. Matches are on time, and there’s minimal downtime or tech issues. Also, casting talent is consistent and high quality, and the overall presentation of the matches is lauded by viewers and esports industry leaders. In fact, one of the main casters for CCL, Alan, “iholdshift” Donofrio actually won our Talent of The Year in the CPOC College Esports Awards. A testament to the quality of the production. This is all without the official support of Activision.

In a statement on the CCL site, the team there stated that they wanted to do more with the brand. So for the CCL to grow and provide a better product, eFuse was a boon to their endeavors.

“The eFuse acquisition is going to enable the CCL to activate on all sorts of once “talks, ideas, and opportunities.” Let’s face it. We’ve been wanting more events, more content, more stories, more alumni opportunities, and more of everything. This gets us there.”

Marco – CCL Staff

In terms of the future, CCL did share that they are gearing up for a big season. With eFuse’s resources, they plan to host over 250 teams and a guaranteed $25,000 prize pool. Registration is slated to end between Thanksgiving and December with league play beginning in January.

CPOC’s Take

Our Checkpoint XP On Campus team discussed the purchase on the latest episode of Checkpoint XP On Campus. Take a peek at the episode below!

Featured Image: Activision