Jake From State Farm is in NBA2k22

With ever release and iteration of a new NBA2k game, comes additions and improvements to the game beyond just basketball. Over the years, there have been all kinds of celebrity and musician in the game. But one of the additions to the game’s The City mode might take the cake. When players make their own avatar and enter The City, they can hang out with the best neighbor, Jake from State Farm.

Jake from State Farm | NBA 2K22

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The City mode allows players to create their own neighborhood to hang out in and customize their game between matches. It’s not a new addition to the game, but huge improvements have been made to it since it’s original inception. While you explore your City you can ride around in various modes of transport, including a skateboard. You can visit clothing stores to deck your character out in recognizable brands.

While off the court, you can even pursue other careers like becoming a fashion mogul or a rap icon. And the whole time, you can keep your friend Jake from State Farm updated on how things are going. He’s not the only celebrity in the game either, but if you want to find out who else is walking around the city you’ll have to pick the game up for yourself.

Feature Photo Screenshot taken from NBA2k22.

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