The nail-biting Valorant series, Campus Clutch comes to an electric ending! The twelve finalists played hard, but the winning team, dubbed as the Egyptian Underdogs– Team Anubis secured their victory at the World Finals

Recap of the Finals.

These twelve finalists found their home in Madrid, Spain for only two days. This would be their first LAN since the pandemic, and with their spirits high and focus solely on Valorant, there was a slight edge in the general gameplay The first match of the semi-finals, BTR v Team Anubis Both teams played with grit — Anubis’ defense stood like a great wall against BTR’s relentless attacks. These two teams had fantastic pistol rounds, econ awareness, and communication throughout the map, Breeze. However, as BTR geared up an incredible flank and pushed into Anubis’ base, Anubis returned with full force. Anubis won 2-0!

The second match in the semi-finals, VAC Kimchi v Project S The classical but tactical strategists, VAC Kimchi, face off against Project S, the immovable force. VAC Kimchi, based in South Korea, found pride in their sneaky, offensive attacks. This was no match against the Portuguese team, Project S. They became aggressive, unforgiving, and with a few steady (and winning!) matches towards the end, Project S eliminated VAC Kimchi with their high ground on the attackers’ side.

The finals, Team Anubis v Project S What a game! There are very few words to describe the tension between these two teams. The first half of the game, Project S dominated Anubis– they made their intentions clear– they wanted to win the World Series. A respectable feat, especially when they showed no signs of letting go of the championship title. However, Team Anubis, cool, calm, and collected made a striking comeback. By the time the fifth match came, Project S was left with a slim fighting chance. In the Anubis crystal ball, they predicted Project S’ planting between A and B sites, and the second half of the game concluded with Team Anubis’ superior mechanical gameplay. Team Anubis claimed victory with an incredible reverse sweep!

Look forward to another exciting Redbull Campus Clutch Championship in 2022!