College Esports Player Of The Week: 47 (Carleton)

Every week during the Spring and Fall semesters, Checkpoint On Campus will share a college esports player that we think had an amazing week. And our College Player Of The Week recipient for March 26th is Andrew “47” Graham of Carleton University’s Call of Duty Team.

Put The Team On Your Back

CoD is one of those games where its easy to see one player pop off. By proxy, this makes some of the team mechanics hard to recognize. #3 ranked Sheridan College suffers from this issue. While other teams, like Ottawa, continue to grab headlines, Sheridan continues to perform well and remains undefeated. However, over this week they came up against one player from #6 Carleton University that nearly took down this giant single-handedly. In one of the most entertaining matches of the season these title contenders met and didn’t disappoint.

The Captain of the CU Ravens team, 47, lived up to their murderous namesake by taking the opening map by the scruff of the neck. The Hardpoint game was hard fought but mid-way through the map he completely took charge and dominated the lobby. One such streak garnered one of the top pop-offs of the season from the casting team.

CollegeCoD – Agent 47 Raven

Watch CollegeCoD’s clip titled “Agent 47 Raven”

By the end of the map, 47 had 57 kills, 27 deaths and the third most objective time in the entire lobby. It was easily one of the single best maps we’ve seen in College CoD this season.

One Man Band(olier)?

The Search & Destroy started with more of the same as 47 jumped out to an early 3 streak. The map would go back and fourth but Sheridan’s superior team play ended up winning the map. While 47 played out of his mind, the rest of the team simply didn’t do enough to support. Ending the map 11 kills and 7 deaths, 47 was the only player for CU Ravens with double digit kills. His teammates, Teamtheif and Hawk, were 2/7 and 3/9 respectively. Which basically made the S&D map a 2 v 4 at CU Raven’s expense.

On Control, it was more of the same with 47 running up the kill feed but being the only Raven to do so. Sheridan would continually out-fight and out-position the other three CU players and win the map. Eventually 47 and the CU Ravens ran out of steam and fell to Sheridan.

Even though it was a losing effort, 47 stepped up when the rest of the team struggled. With this level of solo play, its hard not to give our College Esports Player Of The Week nod to him.

Featured Image: Gamepedia/47

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