Esports Program Profile – Tiffin Dragons

At Checkpoint XP On Campus, we strive to hype up college esports at every turn. So we’ve resolved to highlight programs big and small across North America. Perhaps you or the esports athlete in your life can find a home in one of these programs. This week, in our Esports Program Profile, we highlight the Tiffin University Dragons.

Unleash The Dragons

Tiffin University is a private, non-profit institute with a recreational esports program located in Tiffin, Ohio. Tiffin University has come a long way in its esports journey. Since the program launch, Tiffin gained a reputation for its choice to focus on local competition. They’ve joined the Great Lakes Esports Conference as a founding member to provide a more intimate and personal experience for student gamers. 

But Tiffin’s strength as a program that emphasizes player experience has never been an impediment to winning. As the team has grown, it’s joined other conferences such as the NECC, where they’ve posted impressive seasonal records in Rocket League and Overwatch.

Most recently, the Dragons swept the competition in the penultimate week of the regular season. In Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch matches pitched against Manchester and Mount Union. 

In the Rocket League match against Manchester, Tiffin took the game 3-0 and quickly put away their opponent. Then, in the follow-up Overwatch match with Mount Union, they again led with another decisive 3-0 victory. The final match of the day, held against Manchester in League of Legends, saw another resounding win. 

These decisive wins were a high mark coming at the end of the season, giving Tiffin a boost in its final few weeks of competition. Tiffin will also participate in games against Sacramento State and Florida Gulf Coast, through the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference. It signals good things to come for the Tiffin Program. One that’s made a significant investment in its facilities and scholarship programs. At the time it was constructed, Tiffin University had the largest collegiate esports facility in the country. This 4,000 square-foot building has twenty-two premium custom-built gaming computers. All the stations come equipped the top of the line Razer and Corsair peripherals.

Brains & Brawn

In addition to its strong competitive showing, emphasis on student experience, and scholarships, Tiffin gets a nod of the head for its commitment to the academic aspects of gaming and esports. There’s an Esports Minor available in the list of university courses for students who want to pursue a career in the gaming industry. There is also a special focus on esports and its importance in global revenue generation in all business courses at the university.

Across the board, Tiffin provides an example of a well-balanced esports program that successfully balances between providing a competitive offering and an emphasis on academic excellence and exploration. 

Visit Looking for Group to read more about the college and its esports program. You can visit the official website of the college here for more information on various undergraduate courses offered at the university.

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