College esports is growing at an exponential rate. So much so that it can be easy to forget that you can get a bit of help with tuition through gaming. So we here at Checkpoint On Campus want to share our Esports Scholarship watch. From these we hope that students across North America can find a program that helps them further their education, and stomp the competition too.

Tiffin Esports Scholarships

The earliest talks of an esports program started due to the efforts of two faculty members at Tiffin. Chalin Cahlik, the current Program Director, was assigned the role of overseeing the program due to his experience in esports. 

The program had started practice sessions by late 2016 but officially launched as a varsity program in Fall 2017. It was the first varsity esports program in Ohio.

The university participates in various esports championships through GLEC (Great Lakes Esports Conference). The esports lineup at the university has six major gaming titles:

  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Valorant
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

The university offers esports scholarships for all six gaming titles.

Financial Aid For Esports At Tiffin

When it comes to financial aid and scholarships, Tiffin goes the extra mile in helping their student gamers. Players are typically awarded between $1,000-$3,000 dollars depending on their circumstance. A student’s GPA, skill level, and commitment level to the game all play into the amount of scholarship dollars awarded. 

A unique feature of Tiffin is that they will offer scholarships for any game that holds competitions in the collegiate esports space. This means that a student can get financial support for any of the 6 games the program currently offers. That’s League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Valorant, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, CS:GO, or any other esports title that you can compete in. And unlike other institutions, Tiffin chooses to keep their esports scholarships open. That means you can apply for one at any time.

Scholarships incentivize some of the best collegiate esports players to attend Tiffin, but the school prioritizes access to the entire student body. The gaming facility is open to all of its students, including varsity and club players. Their esports arena is has all the fixings of top programs. High end PCs, and it even two Nintendo Switch consoles for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Also, there is a dedicated fiber line for the arena to ensure fast internet speeds and low ping during gaming sessions.

Tiffin Tough

Tiffin University has a well-reputed esports program with one of the biggest gaming arenas in the United States. It offers multiple avenues for students interested in esports, including varsity team status, esports courses, streaming and game analysis positions, and more. When it comes to scholarships, the Tiffin program has a competitive array to offer its students in all of its titles. For the serious gamer interested in combining their studies with competitive, intercollegiate gaming, Tiffin Esports isn’t a program to pass up.  Visit Looking for Group to read more about the college and its esports program. You can visit the official website of the college here for more information on undergraduate courses offered at the university.

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