Every week during the Spring and Fall semesters, Checkpoint On Campus will share a college esports player that we think had an amazing week. And our College Player Of The Week recipient for March 12th is Performance of Ohio State’s Overwatch team.


Performance, also known as Anthony Jerdack, is a freshman at Ohio State and majors in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The OSU DPS specialist had a barnstormer of a match against Miami of Ohio. Performance lead the team in eliminations and continues to perform well on McCree. He’s now become the cornerstone of an Ohio State team that sits with Northeastern, Northwood, HU Storm, and UCI as undefeated teams as of today.

Performance was able to outplay an equally talented McCree main in Utah’s CoolABC

Later that exact same day, Performance and OSU would go on to face the defending champion Utah Utes. The Buckeyes would get pushed to the limit, coming up against another top DPS line in Coblart and CoolABC. On the first map of Ilios, Utah stuffed OST but when they moved over to Eichenwald, Performance stepped up. On their attack phase, he switched over to Hanzo and cleaned up all of the damage OSU’s Grab put down. But in the final push, Performance switched over to McCree once more. And after Yan’s self-destruct knocked out Utah’s immortality field, Performance came up with an absolutely CLUTCH play. He quickly activated Deadeye and snapped the shots off with virtually no time to visually acquire the targets. The ulti took down three of Utah’s players and won them the round. That momentum ultimately leads to OSU winning the map.


While Map 3, Gibraltar a more even match, Performance did well even to hold off an on-fire CoolABC. Performance got outplayed in certain moments on the Ashe, but he remained calm and continued to hold the high ground. In the end, OSU won out and took down the champs.

We highlight Performance for not just getting a copious amount of elims but also timely ones. His focus on the McCree led to big moments, but he also cleaned up all the pressure from his front line. Paired with Grab, shields were rendered ineffective all weekend. And for that, we salute Performance of THE Ohio State University as our College Esports Player Of The Week.

Featured Image: Activision/Blizzard