This week on CheckpointXP On Campus: The crew talk about the NACE tournaments for Rocket League and SMITE at Dreamhack Atlanta. They have a conversation with Noah “Blinks”DeAces from Mizzou Esport’s champion Rocket League team. And Daniel Agbuya has a conversation with UC Berkely’s Kevin Ponn about their esports programming. That and more CheckpointXP On Campus!

  • Dreamhack Atlanta NACE Tournaments
    • Mizzou wins the NACE Rocket League Fall Tournament
    • Georgia State U wins the NACE Smite Tournament
  • Beasley Media Group Buys Houston Outlaws
  • Noah “Blanks” De Aces, Collegiate Rocket League Player for University of Missouri
  • Kevin Ponn, Program Manager for Cal Esports at University of California Berkeley

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