Fortnite Galactus LIVE event: How To Watch Season 4 Finale Event Live

Marvel and Fortnite have had a record-breaking season with the crossover that has introduced the superhero characters into the world of Fortnite. Season 4 has introduced a number of skins and weapons for everybody’s favorite superheroes and villains. And now, it’’s set to go out with an event large enough to make the heroes of Fortnite scared of the appearance of Galactus. Here’s how you can watch the Season 4 Galactus Live Event today in Fortnite.

Galactus Live Event in Fortnite will be taking place for the Season 4 Finale event!
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Epic Games has described this event as an “interactive Marvel movie”, but what that means is a mystery. Although if his name is anything to go by, it probably won’t be anything pleasant. Most people will want to catch this live and try to participate. If they don’t, they will have to experience it by watching a video of the event.

How to Watch the Galactus Event Live

Season 5 could potentially bring about another black hole this time, according to the rumors. The event starts December 1st at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time, 1 pm Pacific standard time, and 9 pm Greenwich median time. Remember, this is a LIMITED TIME EVENT, so you’ve gotta make sure to be there early if you are hoping to participate in this. Like most limited events, if you happen to miss it or not make it into the queue, you’re going to have to just catch a video of it online somewhere.

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Remember, Epic recommends that you jump into the game at LEAST 60 minutes prior to the event starting. The Event Playlist most likely is going live about 30 minutes before the event. Epic also recommended downloading the latest update ahead of time and for some reason Houseparty. However, Houseparty is just a recommendation due to the recent integration the company rolled out with Houseparty. If you don’t install Houseparty, it shouldn’t impact your viewing or playing experience.

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