Newegg Offering 1 Day Sale of $100 Xbox Store Gift Card for $90

Newegg, gaming outlet, sort of like the Amazon for gamers, is offering a new deal on Xbox Store gift cards. You can snag a $100 Xbox Store gift card for $90. It’s only available today, July 29. 

Newegg Xbox Store Gift Card Deals

Newegg is allowing customers to buy two gift cards per customer. So you could get $200 for the Xbox Store for just $180. This is a great deal because you can even use it to re-up your Xbox Live Gold subscription or subscribe to Game Pass, which opens up a library filled with hundreds of Xbox One games to play.

With Xbox Series X, and a list of brand new exciting games coming to Xbox this year, it’s a deal you don’t want to miss. Imagine saving some money on your pre-orders that you’re going to end up buying anyway.

Shop Newegg now, and explore their other deals.


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