Checkpoint XP’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign led by Dungeon Master Robbie Landis returns. Finally emerging from two days in the ruins, the New Fortuneer’s seek a way to bring back their friend.

While exploring the ruins known as the Lockless Dark, Guy and Anderin ventured off on their own and Anderin fell to a pack of ghouls. Now, out of the ruins the group sells what treasure they found in hopes of bringing Anderin back. When Promy and Drea head to the Cloud District, they end up at the house of Nobleman and Council Member Dea’con Wrathwull. Promy strikes a deal to bring his friend back…but will the cost be more than gold?

2d6 Emotional Damage is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure led by Robbie Landis from the Checkpoint XP crew. Join him and his players every Monday at 8:30 pm EST at the Checkpoint XP Twitch channel.