Checkpoint XP’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign is led by Dungeon Master Robbie Landis. This week on 2d6 Emotional Damage the New Fortuneer’s finally come face to face with the entity that created the Cult of Creation.

2d6 Emotional Damage - Episode 41 - A Light in the Dark - checkpointxp on Twitch

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It’s been two months since the New Fortuneer’s fought the first cultist that would lead them to the Golden Hoods. Now they stand on the precipice before their final battle with the one responsible for the founding of the Cult of Creation. How will they fair knowing their mission is to capture? Can they show enough restraint to stop themselves from simply sending the spirits into new bodies and starting the cycle all over again?

2d6 Emotional Damage is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure led by Robbie Landis from the Checkpoint XP crew. Join him and his players every Monday at 8:30 pm EST at the Checkpoint XP Twitch channel.

If you missed last weeks episode, The Raven’s Embrace, you can find it here along with an archive of our past episodes.

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