Checkpoint XP’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign led by Dungeon Master Robbie Landis returns. After falling for the Swamp Hags trap, the New Fortuneer’s find themselves divided and facing danger on both fronts. Will everyone make it out alive?

After leaving the mountain’s cavernous network behind, the New Fortuneer’s are on their way home and nearly at the half-way point. Before crossing a foreboding swamp they come across another weary traveler. As they fall into the Swamp Hag’s trap, they awake now facing down an ancient evil that not everyone may survive.

2d6 Emotional Damage is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure led by Robbie Landis from the Checkpoint XP crew. Join him and his players every Monday at 8:30 pm EST at the Checkpoint XP Twitch channel.

If you missed last weeks episode, A Kind of Hero, you can find it here along with an archive of our past episodes.