MAD Lions suffer a MASSIVE upset against Super Massive and are eliminated from Worlds’ 2020 while Liquid continue to roll and carry the hopes of all of North America, Odell Beckham Jr. makes his debut streaming with a notorious streamer who recently caused Twitch to change their rules ALL BECAUSE OF HIM, and Valorant sees some huge changes coming in the latest patch that includes nerfs to the OP and more buffs to try and make Viper a viable character for pro play.

MAD Lions eliminated from LoL Worlds 2020 in SuperMassive upset

Usually, when it comes to talking about disappointing performances at Worlds, it’s always the North American teams being discussed. Year after year, Asian teams continue to dominate the top spots while the EU stays in contention despite only winning it all a single time (still more than North America’s big old goose egg.) However, MAD Lions have made history for being the first EU team bumped in play in stages of the tournament, and doing so while dropping games to teams like Liquid and Super Massive.

MAD Lions came into play-ins with momentum, finishing third at Spring Playoffs and second in the regular-season portion of the Summer Split. But, the team filled with rookies struggled to put together the performances they put on in LEC competition, and with 2020 marking three of their core players first years as top-level professionals, they looked flat out out matched when it game to big games with big stakes.

Odell Beckham Jr. Teams Up With Dr. Disrespect & Scump, Will More Pro Atheletes Jump on The Streaming Train?

It seems like if you could travel back in time and explain to hardcore jocks that in ten years their favorite pro athletes would be spending their time of the field streaming video games online with a guy who wears a fake mustache and hairpiece, they would have laughed you off then given you a swirlie. But that just doesn’t seem to be the case in 2020, as yet ANOTHER big name athlete in Odell Beckham Jr. has joined the streaming world, debuting with tag team streams with Dr. Disrespect and Scump. Beckham Jr. says he is trying to commit to streaming every Monday and Tuesday on his YouTube channel, which is a pretty hefty time investment.

Several major Operator nerfs announced for next Valorant update

Jett mains are afraid today. It was recently revealed that the newest updates for Valorant have some pretty game-changing updates, between nerfs to the sniper rifle OP and even the attempt at making Viper a viable pick in competitive pro play. But the biggest one coming out of this has to be the OP nerf. Pros and players alike have been calling on Riot to do SOMETHING, but what that something is has been up and down. Players like Shroud have called on increasing the price of it, others have talked about reducing damage (uhhh what?), and others have even talked about making it so that a team can only buy one. Well, you can easily tell what suggestions come from people who have played Counter-Strike and those that came over from Overwatch.