CheckpointXP On-Demand – Ninja, Alinity, and xQc Throw Down

Ninja, Alinity, and xQC got into it on Twitter recently, and pretty much everyone tuned in to watch. It sparked a larger conversation about toxicity online that we have to break down. We also ask whether EVO is gone for good, and can a Fallout TV series be any good? Ric’s got a list of gaming speedrun world records, and we’ll try to guess whether the actual times are over or under. All of that and more on this week’s CheckpointXP On-Demand!

Ninja, Alinity, and xQC Throw Down

This week on Checkpoint XP: (0:00) Ninja, Alinity, and xQC Get Into It Ninja, Alinity, and xQC got into an argument over the weekend that pretty much the entirety of Twitter tuned into it, popcorn in hand. (12:00) Is EVO Gone For Good?

This week on CheckpointXP On-Demand

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