Ninja spoils the fact that he may apparently be going to YouTube after the fall of Mixer, Modern Warfare & Warzone ban wave apparently banning innocent players and what you can do about it, and Donkey Kong Country plus two other classics coming to switch this month in new NES/SNES update!

Ninja moving to YouTube after deleted test stream unveils his plans

In June, Microsoft announced how their streaming platform, Mixer, would be shut down, and how it would be merging with Facebook Gaming. Now, it seems like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will not be moving back to Twitch, or to a rumoured platform called “Brime”. Instead, it is very likely Ninja is moving to YouTube. Now, it looks like we finally know what will happen to the former, as Ninja was caught by eagle-eyed fans showing a now-deleted test stream on his channel. The stream went live for just a short time before it was quickly removed, but that didn’t stop the screenshot from echoing across the internet in a short period of time.

Warzone Ban Wave Banning Innocent Players

While Activision has been punishing those who are found to have used cheats, cases have seemingly spiked in recent months with one hacker even claiming that there are cheaters in almost every Warzone match. The Modern Warfare devs are continuing to combat those looking to abuse the game, with counter-measures such as frequent ban waves to prevent cheaters from ruining the average player’s experience. However, following the latest wave, which took place around July 7, many claimed that they were wrongly punished on Modern Warfare and that even innocent players had received permanent bans.

Donkey Kong Country And Two Other Classics Coming To Switch This Month In New NES/SNES Update

If you are a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, be excited because you are getting three new games on the service this month, and it includes one of the best classic platformers of all time. Donkey Kong Country is joining the console’s SNES line-up, alongside SNES wrestling game Natsume Championship Wrestling and the EA-published NES title The Immortal.