More assault allegations surface and effect huge names in gaming in both the Smash communities but a caster for Call of Duty, a voice actor in The Last of Us 2 is now facing death threats alongside the Vice President of Naughty Dog, and a brush fire cut into one of the most important matches of Overwatch from this previous weekend’s Summer Showdown tournament.

More allegations emerge from Gamers Me Too Moment, Cod Caster and Smash Player Zero Effected

Gaming is having a moment right now. While we’ve covered some of the high profile cases that have emerged over the past week or two, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon. Over the weekend, more large names were implicated in the ongoing sexual assault allegations, with two of the largest being Call of Duty caster Momo and Super Smash legend Zero. Activision is now currently investigating the several claims made against “Momo” after a handful of women brought nearly a dozen cases of harassment or abuse from Momo in their pasts. Respect goes out to the many women, almost a dozen now, coming forward and presenting their cases, after initially going directly to Activision, the company responsible for publishing Call of Duty. Nothing was initially done after 7 women came to the company that employed Momo, but once the claims became public, Activision severed ties with the caster and says that the investigation is on-going.

Last of Us 2 Voice Actress, Naughty Dog Vice President Faces Death Threats Because People Don’t Like The Game

Even before the launch of The Last of Us 2, the game has seen a lot of hate from certain members of the gaming community. There has been a bit of controversy, leaks, and more. Now, the director of The Last of Us 2, Neil Druckmann, has shown some of the hate mail he has received and responded to the online harassment. Druckmann is the Vice President of Naughty Dog, but this doesn’t mean he is immune to hate mail from disgruntled fans, as evidenced by the recent death threats Laura Bailey, the voice actress for Abby, has been given. Late yesterday afternoon, Drunkmann came out to share some of the hate mail he has received, which not only includes death threats, but transphobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and racist comments.

Brushfire causes Overwatch League team to disconnect during playoff match

Imagine that your favorite esports team is in a critical moment in a match that could define their tournament run. The clock is ticking, the heart racing, the squads are ready to clash and then… a long, excruciating pause ensues. This is exactly what fans of the San Francisco Shock and Washington Justice felt this weekend in the Overwatch League.