The Overwatch Collegiate Clash Week 6 gave us our first real shock of the tournament with UNLV finally toppling Utah. The Rebels dove right into the face of the Utes and didn’t give them much time to react. With the win, they solidify themselves as a true contender, while Utah will have to regroup for the final week before the championship bracket.

  • Utah 38
  • UNLV 32
  • Mississippi 20
  • CU Boulder 20
  • Texas A&M 16
  • Wichita State 14
  • University of Texas at Dallas 12
  • Boise State 10
  • Oklahoma 10
  • University of Akron 4
  • No Akron or UTD this week

The format of the Collegiate Clash is very similar to Call of Duty League. Every week is a separate 8 team tournament-style bracket where the winner walks away with the most points (4 teams will have bye weeks). At the end of 7 weeks, the top 4 teams will face off in a final bracket for the championship.

Top Teams

1. University of Utah

Its finally happened. The top team in the Clash fell to UNLV this week dashing any hopes of a perfect run. In the Final, there were moments where it seemed like they wanted to match UNLV’s speed but simply couldn’t. Utah was able to win the two payload maps with more methodical play, but even Dorado was hotly contested. If it wasn’t for a clutch Soldier 76 Ulti from CoolABC they may have lost that map as well. With this said they are still the best team in the bracket, but the weakness has been fully exploited. Dive them.

2. University of Nevada – Las Vegas

The only team to beat Utah did it by leaning more into their aggressive, dive heavy style. Usually KevinDurant’s Doomfist is the star of the show, but the supporting cast came up big time. WildWingBat on Genji and Dunmuir on the Wrecking Ball absolutely flummoxed Utah on Control maps. In countless fights, Dunmuir went in with the hamster slam, KevinDurant displaced the tanks and WildWingBat came in and cleaned up the squishy supports. Especially in the last two maps WildWing and KevinDurant got tons of value on their ultimates and cleaned up their teamfights. The championship week should look really interesting with this result.

3. University of Texas – Dallas

They didn’t play this week but have some of the best placements of all teams when they do. If raw numbers are indeed the rubric UTD wouldn’t make the Championship week, which would be a shame. There is no way any sort of final bracket should be made without this team.

4. Mississippi State University

Although they were taken out of the opening round, it was against the ascendant UNLV. They also have the benefit of sitting just above a couple of teams that can’t remain consistent. At this point they are a

5. Texas A & M

Even though they are behind on points Texas A & M overtake the University of Colorado – Boulder as our 5th team. The two went head to head in the opening round this week and A & M dominated. They swept UC Boulder aside 2-0 and full held them on Junkertown not even allowing the first point on the escort map. If Texas finishes above them again next week they will make the championship weekend.

If you want to check out the replay of the Collegiate Clash Week 6 action, you are able to check it out below!

Overwatch Collegiate Clash – Season 1 – Week 6

UMGGaming – Overwatch Collegiate Clash – Season 1 – Week 6 – Overwatch – Twitch

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Header Image: UMG Gaming