Modern Warfare Reveals Massive “Season 1” Content Plan

Image: Call of Duty/Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dropped to rave reviews, reviving the seminal shooter of a generation. Today, they announced the first of many DLC content plans for what they are calling “Season 1” and all of it is free.

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Our most ambitious season of content ever. The first season of #ModernWarfare is nearly here.

In a tweet, they announced multiple new maps, weapons and game modes. There are three classic maps from COD4 (The first Modern Warfare). Crash (OH GOD YES), Vacant (Super Yes), and Shipment (Please no. kill it with fire). There’s a new Ground War map, Port. Also included are three new 2v2 maps, three new game modes, 4+ new Co-Op missions and at least two new weapons.

Since this is being branded as a Season the content will more than likely trickle out rather than a massive patch. Infinity Ward has said that they were ditching the paid season pass model and opting for more free DLC and post-launch content. It is unknown what paid DLC may be on the horizon for Modern Warfare.

Norris’ All Ghillied Up Opinion: I AM THE HYPE! I cannot wait to noodle all of these fools on Crash. I ate well off of that map and will continue to do so in it new iteration.

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