Each week at CheckpointXP we bring you a moment in gaming that’s too close for comfort. This week we wipe the sweat from our brow after a terrifying scene unfolds during a Twitch Stream. While chatting with his audience on Twitch, streamer Falconn2k rushed off his stream as an earthquake shook the entire room.

Shaken to the Core

Earthquakes and other natural disasters are nothing to brush off. They’re extremely dangerous and countless death and injuries occur every year. On October 30th a devastating 7.0 earthquake hit Tukey and Greece. Falconn2k was in the middle of his stream as this happened. As he begins to feel the shaking, he immediately rushes off the camera. You can hear him and other voices as well as pets as the camera and room begins to shake violently. The camera nearly falls off the computer, you can see other items in the room move and shift and begin to fall. Despite no massive damage, the entire scene is still chilling.

It’s an unsettling video despite no damage being seen on camera. Thankfully, Falconn2k was unharmed. The video and short moment still serves as a grim reminder about just how dangerous disasters like these can be. Falconn2k is already back to streaming, so he and his family were very fortunate. Among those not so lucky, there have been 28 confirmed deaths and over 800 injured. The earthquake caused massive damage as it collapsed a church, shook other buildings apart, and even caused the sea to flood in some areas.


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