CheckpointXP On-Demand – Next Gen Consoles Are Now

The Next Gen of Game Consoles is officially upon us, and the guys are breaking down the details and giving their final predictions. They also dive into the first details released about Final Fantasy XVI, along with producer Kali. She sticks around to talk about getting married inside of a video game. Then, Norris joins the group to play a round of the dating game. This week’s Patient Gamer features a redemption arc in the form of No Man’s Sky! All of that and more on this week’s CheckpointXP On-Demand!

The Next Gen Is Now

(0:00) Next Gen Is Now With days to go before the arrival of the 9th generation of game consoles, the guys break down everything they know about the consoles. They also give their final predictions. (12:00) Details Emerge About FF16 Final Fantasy 16 has officially been announced, but now we’ve gotten our first details.

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