Markiplier Has Epic Among Us Fail

Each week we bring you two moments, one of epic success, someone who absolutely nailed it! And another of an epic failure, someone who totally failed it. This week for the Failed It we visit one of the biggest names in gaming, Markiplier. Markiplier has been streaming and making videos for a long time, but even that doesn’t save him from the occasional fail in Among Us.

Markiplier? More like Impostiplier!

Despite the game Among Us being a few years ago, everyone and their mother are playing it now. It’s a simple yet deceptively hard game to really master. You’ve likely played a version of this game with your family during holiday get-togethers. It goes by various names like Werewolf, Vampires, Mafia, etc. Everyone is a crewmate on a spaceship, but 1 to 3 players are actually alien imposters. It’s the imposter’s job to go around and kill the crewmates before they catch on. Through the game, crewmates can vote on people they think is an imposter and jettison them.

If you catch an imposter in the act, it’s game over for them unless you can convince the others they’re lying. Another neat feature the imposter has is the ability to travel via air ducts. But if you pop out of an air duct in front of another crewmate…well, the jig is likely up. And that’s exactly what happened to Markiplier as he was still kind of getting used to the game.

I AM AMONG YOU… | Among Us

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