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Norris laments the Outriders demo and asks if a preview of an unfinished game actually HURT its chances at big sales. A college esports listing makes the crew cringe. Also, Kali talks about old JRPGs after Bravely Default 2's release and Robbie Landis continues to talks Snyder Cut.

Bravely Default II: More Of What You Loved – CPXP Daily News

On today’s CheckpointXP Daily, we take a look at a new JRPG on the scene: Bravely Default II. Robbie Landis joins us to talk about the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Plus, we also discuss some predatory habits in the collegiate esports space.

Bravely Default II

Did you enjoy Bravely Default? Yes? Great, are you hoping they make big bold decisions in the sequel? No? Perfect, you’ll love the sequel.

Releasing for the Nintendo Switch on Friday, Bravely Default II is, infuriatingly, the third game in the Bravely franchise. The last installment was Bravely Second, released back in 2015.

Unlike Bravely Second, which was a direct follow-up to the original, Bravely Default II introduces a new world and new characters. And that’s about where the differences end. The Brave/Default system is still there, the job system is still there, it’s still lighthearted, you’re still heroes of light, and you’re still hunting crystals.

If you liked the original, then this is just a slightly more difficult version of that. Final Fantasy’s younger cousin is as good or bad as you remember it being. But if you want something bold, new, and different, look elsewhere.

The Snyder Cut

On this week’s episode of The Other Identity, Robbie and Ben sit down to take a true, objective look at Zack Snyder’s Justice League. They debate just how bad the original cut was, and whether the onus falls on Snyder, Joss Whedon, or the studio itself.

Was it actually as bad as Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice? Can Henry Cavill and more Jared Leto Juggaloker make it work? For those answers and more, make sure you check out tomorrow’s release of our superhero and comic book podcast – The Other Identity.

College Esports Is A Dangerous Place

A tweet went out last week claiming that a college hiring for an esports head coach had some dubious requirements. Requirements that not only wouldn’t necessarily make for a good program, but also are ridiculously high given the amount of money it was paying.

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Just spoke w school hiring “E-Sports head coach”-Masters preferred-50+ hours/week + nights + weekends-1 person staff -Expected to coach 3+ teams, recruit 15/year, run whole program + more$33k”governing esports body” told them “thats all you need to cash in on tuition $$$”

While this is just one tweet, it is definitely emblematic of the gaming and esports industry as a whole. If this is the general attitude towards college esports, then there is simply no hope of our young athletes competing on an international level.

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