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I love writing, eating, and video games :) The games I currently play the most are probably Valorant, Apex, Smash, GTFO, & Phasmophobia.

What Music did Gamers Listen to the Most in 2021?

Good music is crucial to gamers. When you’re deep in the trenches, grinding your favorite game and getting that sweet loot, you’re going to need a good soundtrack. Now we know what gamer’s have been jamming the most in 2021. Spotify recently announced at The Game Awards 2021 the top music gamers are listening to […]

How to Find and Unlock The Foundation in Fortnite

Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson has dropped from the battle bus as “The Foundation” in Fortnite: Chapter 3. This isn’t your average cameo, The Rock is an integral part of Fortnite’s story now. Judging by the fact he makes nearly $10 million off of each film that he’s in, we can’t even imagine what Epic must […]

Tom Holland on his Future with Spiderman

Tom Holland Spiderman stans rejoice, your boy will remain NYC’s web slinger for the foreseeable future. It’s been an exciting past week for Marvel fans. Not only was Charlie Cox, the actor behind Daredevil, confirmed to reprise his role, but now we know that Tom Holland will continue to play Spiderman in his upcoming films […]

RE4 Remake Art Allegedly Leaked by DC Douglas

Concept art for the unannounced Resident Evil 4 remake has allegedly leaked by series voice actor, DC Douglas. Douglas, who voices antagonist Albert Wesker, seemingly shared this concept art to a number of fans, asking them specifically not to repost it. A Twitter thread from user @BewareCreepyVas reveals a screenshot of the character image alongside […]