Ryan Street

NAF renews contract with Team Liquid

Team Liquid recently announced that Canadian CS:GO star, Keith “NAF” Markovic, will remain on their roster until 2024. Naf is a skilled rifler and AWPer who has been playing for Team Liquid since 2018.  NAF’s inclusion on Team Liquid has helped cement numerous victories over the past three years, taking first place at tournaments like […]

College Esports Program – How to Grow and Evolve

Evolving your college esports program is crucial for attracting the next generation of students. College Esports programs are a great addition to campuses worldwide, providing many social, academic, and personal benefits for students. Team building, scholarships, STEM skills and community are some of the incredible ways an esports program can contribute to student life. Plus, […]

Call of Duty Challengers 2022 Season Reveal

Written by contributing intern Jose Silas. The 2022 Call of Duty Challengers season is going live. And regions have been expanded to include Latin America. The scouting series is also returning for the new season. This series includes 12 coaches from various Call of Duty franchises to draft Challenger players for their respective teams. Those […]

LOMME joins Astralis as CS:GO analyst

Frederik “LOMME” Nielsen has joined Astralis as an analyst for their CS:GO roster. The former professional player joins fellow veteran Alexander “ave” Holdt on the team’s staff. Earlier this month, Holdt became the team’s head coach. Now with the addition of LOMME, Astralis hopes to elevate their CS:GO performance. “We’re in the process of upgrading […]

PS5 Production Numbers Lowered By Sony

It may be a while before you can get your hands on Sony’s latest PS5 system.  Don’t get your hopes to high this holiday season, Sony is cutting production for the PS5. Last week, Sony announced that production was going to be decreased by 1 million PS5 units until March 2022.  Initial plans included Sony […]

Naruto is Finally in Fortnite – and Pewdiepie Hates It

Naruto drops in Fortnite and Pewdiepie has had enough Fortnite is no stranger to collaboration. In recent years, the battle-royale giant has paired up with pop-culture phenomena like Ariana Grande, Rick and Morty, John Wick, Marvel, and so much more. It’s probably easier to list off who Fortnite hasn’t worked with at this point. Now […]

Dislike Numbers Will Be Hidden on YouTube

Users and Creators Dislike the Removal Youtube is the second most used website in the world, drawing over 22 Billion visits every month. Recently, they’ve made a controversial change by removing the dislike feature across all videos. The dislike button still remains for viewers to express their opinion and curate content. However, the count of […]