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Dr. Disrespect launches new AAA games studio 

The insanely popular streamer, Dr. Disrespect, has recently announced that he’s launching his own game studio, the Midnight Society. They’re coming out of the gates strong, bringing in top talent from companies like Bungie and Activision.  Their first game is certainly going to be a competitive shooter. And their mission is to involve the game’s […]

Dr. Dre Releases New Music in GTAV

As the music industry evolves, artists are releasing their new songs in unique and creative ways. But would you ever expect an artist to debut their work in a video game? Well, that’s exactly what Dr. Dre had in mind. Dr. Dre in The Contract In the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 expansion, The Contract, […]

Danny Trejo Far Cry 6 Missions Officially Released

Everyone’s favorite machete wielding uncle, Danny Trejo, recently made his appearance in the first person shooter, Far Cry 6. In the game, players help Trejo set up his real life taco truck, Trejo’s tacos, on the fictional island of Yara. Inevitably, things go wrong and it’s up to you and Trejo to save the day. […]