Ric Hogerheide

Sony State of Play Reaction, Nadeshot Tattoo “Sex is Temporary”, Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Remakes

Sony’s State of Play happened, and we give you a low down of all the announcements. Plus, the CEO of 100 Thieves, Nadeshot lost a bet, and Pokemon announces two remakes and an open world Pokemon game.

Olympics Planning for Esports Competitions, Rainbow 6 Caster Quits R6 Over Toxicity, Nintendo Direct

Esports has been included in the next Olympic Agenda according to the IOC, and what that could mean when it comes to how soon until it means that you can see an Olympic esports competition at the next Olympic games. Plus, a Rainbow Six caster quits streaming because of the constant toxicity and threats of […]

Terraria Pulls Plug on Stadia Port After Google Mishap | Quick Hit #Shorts

What happens when you lock a video developer out of their email? In the case of Google Stadia, it looks like it leads to cancelled ports of one of the biggest games that people were expecting to join the platform. After being locked out of his Google account with no warning or follow up, Andrew […]

Top 5 Video Games Releasing in February, 2021 | New Video Games 2021

February is upon us, and while it may not be as busy of a season for game releases as, say, December, there is still plenty to look out for this month in the way of new games. Lots of new titles are still coming later this year, with Pokemon Switch still far away on the […]

#1 EU Valorant Player Banned for Cheating, No Overwatch 2 in 2021, and Activision Sued Over Theft

The #1 Valorant player in the EU was BANNED for cheating, but says he’s being bullied! Plus, Overwatch 2 isn’t coming in 2021, and can Overwatch and the Overwatch League survive another year without the new game? And, Activision sued for ripping off a Warzone Operator design, down to even hiring the same hair stylists […]

Apex Legends Season 8 Launch & Updates, Facebook Gaming Cracks Down on Cheaters, TSM Leave Fortnite

Apex Legends launches Season 8 today, with the release of a new Legend and a return to the Kings Canyon map, and we’ll fill you in on everything new this season and what to expect when you log in. Plus, Facebook Gaming commits to stopping cheaters after a high profile streamer quits Warzone ENTIRELY after […]

College League of Legends Returns | The College Esports Update

College League of Legends: Maryville’s run Harrisburg Storm returns UCI Wins with Issues

GameStop Stocks Explained SEC Calls Out Robinhood, Cheese Sets Super Mario 64 Speedrunning Record

The SEC has confirmed that they are reviewing GameStop stock trading and even said they would be looking to protect investors from firms that blocked the ability to trade certain securities