Ric Hogerheide

What Is Loop Hero? How Do I Play Loop Hero? – TLDR

Loop Hero is a game where you don't control the hero at all. The game is an auto battler, where the hero travels through a world that you create and design.

No More Tea Bagging in Valorant, Banned by Riot | #Shorts

Tea bagging is apparently DEAD after Riot BANS it in-game, telling players that the act is “undesirable” and would lead to punishment if it happened in Riot sanctioned events.

Pyra/Mythra Now Live in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate After 11.0 Update | #Shorts

Super Smash Bros fans rejoice, Pyra and Mythra are live in the game thanks to the latest update.

NEW ANT-MAN Skin in Fortnite! MARVEL Ant Man Bundle in the MARVEL Fortnite Item Shop | #Shorts

Marvel and Fortnite aren’t done taking over the entire digital world quite yet, as you can now unlock and play as Ant Man inside of the Epic Battle Royale game.

G2 Bench KennyS From CS:GO, Apex Legends Devs Leak New Weapon Type, FaZe Clan Rainbow 6 Siege Roster

A CS:GO Legend is benched from G2, and an unreleased weapons class in Apex Legends is leaked, plus, FaZe Clan announce a Rainbow Six Siege roster ahead of the 2021 season.

CDL Full of Beef Between Hastr0, CouRage JD, & JKap, Pengu Retires from R6, TSM CEO Fined For Tweet

COD pros and owners talking trash to each other as hastr0, CouRage JD, and JKap all fired off tweets coming just short of challenging each other to death by combat.

How Many Pokemon Can Somebody Whose Never Played a Game Name? | #Pokemon25

In honor of Pokemon's 25th anniversary, we remember the time that Weird Beard and Robbie made James take a Pokemon quiz, and see if Robbie and Kali could get inside of the mind of a notorious Pokemon hater! James has never played a single Pokemon game, so how many Pokemon could he name?

Sony State of Play Reaction, Nadeshot Tattoo “Sex is Temporary”, Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Remakes

Sony’s State of Play happened, and we give you a low down of all the announcements. Plus, the CEO of 100 Thieves, Nadeshot lost a bet, and Pokemon announces two remakes and an open world Pokemon game.

Olympics Planning for Esports Competitions, Rainbow 6 Caster Quits R6 Over Toxicity, Nintendo Direct

Esports has been included in the next Olympic Agenda according to the IOC, and what that could mean when it comes to how soon until it means that you can see an Olympic esports competition at the next Olympic games. Plus, a Rainbow Six caster quits streaming because of the constant toxicity and threats of […]

Terraria Pulls Plug on Stadia Port After Google Mishap | Quick Hit #Shorts

What happens when you lock a video developer out of their email? In the case of Google Stadia, it looks like it leads to cancelled ports of one of the biggest games that people were expecting to join the platform. After being locked out of his Google account with no warning or follow up, Andrew […]