Norris Howard

Immortals CEO: Rebrand and Roster Moves Coming For 2022

Global sports brand, Immortals, shared last week that they are moving their business operations to Metro Detroit. They would become one of the only major esports organizations with a physical presence in the region. We here at Checkpoint XP got the chance to sit down with their CEO, Jordan Sherman, about the future of Immortals. […]

The NCAA Wants In: Collegiate Esports Invitational

College esports is still very new in the eyes of competitive sport. And most of it is played outside of the bounds of the NCAA. But following up on an event from this May, the group synonymous with college athletics is putting on the Collegiate Esports Invitational. This time the bracket’s all Valorant instead of […]

FC Barcelona To Make League of Legends Team

FC Barcelona may have lost Lionel Messi but they’ll be gaining Elder Dragon and Rift Herald. The renowned Spanish athletic club announced that they are entering the League of Legends space next year. The massive sporting brand bought out the Spanish SuperLiga side, S2V Esports’ spot in the league and will field a team in […]