Sony’s PlayStation 4 hits 91.6 Million Units Sold

Sony had an amazing holiday season with 5.6 million consoles sold between November 19th and December 31st. Insomniac also did well with Marvel’s Spiderman selling 9 million copies as of the end of November adding to the 50.7 million games sold over the holiday season. With active users peaking at 90 million in November Sony […]

Overwatch to get Major Spectator Updates

The recent PTR update has some new changes coming to spectator mode. Now if you’re viewing a match you will be able to see the various status effects on the individual player plates at the top of screen. Each status effect getting its own color scheme and graphic that describe the ailment. There is no […]

Rooster Teeth procures tournament platform CyberGamer

Let’s Play Live (LPL) an event organized by Rooster Teeth has acquired Australian based esports tournament organizer CyberGamer. With this partnership both companies wish to breathe fresh air into the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) region through revitalizing their grass roots system with the ability to grow from armature to professional on the platform. With […]

China Removes Video Game Freeze

Yesterday China lifted its blanket ban on approving new video game titles by approving 80 new games. The largest gaming company Tencent was left off the list of publishers having been under fire for not adapting to the new standards of the Chinese regulatory body. In response Tencent started to enforce Chinese regulations having people […]

Epic Store gets its first Exclusive Title!

Skybound Games has announced its last two episodes of the Telltale’s Walking Dead: Final Season on PC will be an Epic Store exclusive title. Luckily anyone that has bought the full season on other platform will receive the content on which ever service you purchased it from. If you have picked up each episode individually […]

Fallout 76 Slated to get new PvP Mode!

Bethesda released a little bit on the future of Fallout 76 slating a number of fixes to hit mid January 2019 along with a new PvP mode to be released by the first quart of 2019. The bug fixes for mid January include animation fixes for guns, perk card fixes and that dreaded White Spring […]

Call of Duty Esports is in the Spotlight Again!

Call of Duty’s esports scene for the last couple of years has been lack luster but with the smash hit that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has become and the changes that we reported on earlier in the year have boosted pro players and esports enthusiasts to invest their time and money into this […]

Alexander Garfield steps into the Esports Technology Business

The esports legend and CEO of Evil Geniuses Alexander Garfield is launching a new esports technology and service company with a mission to developing products to enhance the streaming experience. The company Popdog has secured its series A funding round with a staggering $9 million coming from Makers Fund and Korean Investment Partners. Source: Variety Photo […]

Immortals Look To Raise $500,000 For Charity

With a six hour charity stream, the Immortals have started their commitment to raise $500,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Immortals’ teams are devoted over the next two years to funding their total goal. This is a continuation of their earlier charity drives during season one of the Overwatch League with their OWL team, […]