Video Games

What Is In The Madden NFL 22 Scouting Update

The last big update for Madden NFL 22 included the long awaited and highly anticipated Scouting Update, but what does…

October 25, 2021

ATL Braves Blooper is a Dr. Disrespect Fan

The Atlanta Braves Mascot Blooper cosplayed as an gaming icon this past week and fans are absolutely losing their minds.

October 22, 2021

The New Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Trailer Is Perfect

A new trailer for the Suicide Squad video game gives us a good look at the evil versions of the…

October 22, 2021

NBA2k22’s San Antonio Spurs 2nd Worst Team In Game

Fans of the San Antonio Spurs will probably be disappointed with this years NBA2k22 as their team is ranked second…

October 22, 2021

NBA 2k22 Tops PS Store in Sept with Deathloop and Kena

The month of September on the PlayStation store was headlined by three great games, NBA2k22, Deathloop and Kena: Bridge of…

October 21, 2021

Update: EA And FIFA End Exclusive Partnership

What Could The New Name Be?

October 18, 2021

Tottenham Hotspur Become First Soccer Club In Madden

What if I told told you if a football club from London became the first club to appear in a…

October 18, 2021

The $40 Million Dollar Esports Tournament

Valve's DOTA2 International is in full swing with the highest prize pool to date at just over $40 Million dollars.

October 15, 2021

Awkwafina De-Stresses With Video Games

Shang-Chi and Raya the Last Dragon Star Awkwafina likes to relax on set with her Nintendo Switch and de-stress with…

October 14, 2021

Overwatch Halloween Event Adds Spooky New Skins

As the spooky season rolls in a new Halloween Terror event comes to Overwatch with scary new skins for your…

October 12, 2021