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  • League of Legends: The Big Three February 13, 2020
    Harrisburg, Columbia College and the University of British Columbia are the top three League of Legends teams in CSL. Which school takes the top spot in our predictions? Find out here! Written by Cole Metcalfe.
  • Dota 2 Recap: Missing Links February 12, 2020
    Stay awhile and listen as we recount tales of Dota 2 matches won and lost in the 10th week of regular season play. We’ll laugh, get salty, and forecast team placement in the playoffs as the end of the season looms. Written by Charles "Torrasque" Harrison.
  • School Spotlight: Cal Esports February 6, 2020
    Following their win at the first Heroes of the Dorm tournament in 2015, Cal Esports would use that momentum to build one of the largest collegiate esports clubs in the United States. We spoke with Cal Esports to learn more about their growth and future. Written by Judah "Torrent" Caruso.
  • CS:GO Recap: A Numbers Game February 6, 2020
    Curious as to what’s happened in the world of collegiate CS:GO since November? We break down the top 10 teams and discuss our predictions for the fast-approaching playoffs. Written by Gabriel Ionica.
  • GameStop Weeklies are Back in 2020! February 6, 2020
    Better than ever, the GameStop Weeklies are back with $100 on the line per game, per week! If you’re looking for a new challenge or just a place to compete with your friends, look no further. Written by Judah "Torrent" Caruso.
  • The Winners and Losers of Theros Beyond Death February 6, 2020
    Expansion time for any MTG Arena player is an exciting time and Theros Beyond Death is no different. What new archetypes will prevail and which old ones will fall? Here are some exciting predictions for what to expect in the new Theros Beyond Death Standard meta. Written by Wyatt French.
  • CS:GO Titans UMass and UConn Talk Strategy January 30, 2020
    With a big match looming on the horizon, we talked to the coordinators of two major New England CS:GO teams to get their thoughts on strategy, favorite matches, and pineapple on pizza. Written by Gabriel Ionica.

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