Trying to Predict WandaVision

The first official trailer for the Disney+ series WandaVision has been released. When will the show come to the streaming…

September 29, 2020

Samuel L. Jackson Will Star as Nick Fury in Disney+ Series

Disney has announced that Samuel L. Jackson will be starring in his own Marvel series as Agent Nick Fury on…

September 25, 2020

Black Widow Delayed Until May 2021: What Does It Mean?

The first entry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4, Black Widow, has been delayed for the second time until…

September 23, 2020

Celebrate Pride In September With Gamers.Vote And The Trevor Project

Announcing Pride in September - A 12 hour charity livestream benefitting the Trevor Project and encouraging all LGBTQIA+ people to…

September 23, 2020

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda For $7.5B – What Does It Mean?

So Microsoft acquires Bethesda and fires a shot across the bow of Sony. But is this actually a play in…

September 21, 2020

Everything New From the PlayStation 5 Showcase

Sony has finally revealed the price point and release date for the PlayStation 5 in their most recent showcase along…

September 17, 2020

Cloud9 Release Coach Reapered After Disappointing Season

Cloud9 release their head League of Legends coach, Reapered, who may be one of the best coaches after a disappointing…

September 15, 2020

400 More GameStop Locations To Close

400 more stores closing down... is the end of an era approaching?

September 11, 2020

Microsoft Announces EA Play Free For Game Pass Subscribers

Microsoft announces the Series-S yesterday, and now announcing that EA Play will come bundled with their Game Pass for NO…

September 9, 2020

5 Tips You Need To Know Before Playing Marvel’s Avengers Game

Before you jump into Marvel's Avengers game, here are 5 tips you need to know so you're getting the most…

September 8, 2020