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Sentinels vs LG Luminosity Gaming – TenZ Interview | VCT 2021: North America – Masters

TenZ was added to Sentinels with only two days before the tournament, replacing Sinatraa who is currently suspended.

XSET vs FAZE HIGHLIGHTS – Rawkus Interview | VCT 2021: North America – Masters

FaZe Clan took on XSET, a team that they lost to two weeks ago, but dominated in this time around.

ENVY vs GEN.G – kaboose Interview | VCT 2021: North America – Masters

After Envy defeated Gen.G in the Winners Quarterfinals round, we got to talk with kaboose from Envy about the benefits of being a team for as long as they have.

No More Tea Bagging in Valorant, Banned by Riot | #Shorts

Tea bagging is apparently DEAD after Riot BANS it in-game, telling players that the act is “undesirable” and would lead to punishment if it happened in Riot sanctioned events.

#1 EU Valorant Player Banned for Cheating, No Overwatch 2 in 2021, and Activision Sued Over Theft

The #1 Valorant player in the EU was BANNED for cheating, but says he’s being bullied! Plus, Overwatch 2 isn’t coming in 2021, and can Overwatch and the Overwatch League survive another year without the new game? And, Activision sued for ripping off a Warzone Operator design, down to even hiring the same hair stylists […]