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Esports Program Profile: University of Utah

University of Utah Esports Profile This week, we’re taking a look at the University of Utah, a public university in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a top-tier varsity esports program. Utah holds the record of being the first to launch a varsity esports program in the Power Five athletic conference. Since the program started in […]

ActiBlizz’s Bobby Kotick Gifts $4M For Michigan Esports

One of the biggest executives in gaming is funding a major esports initiative at the University of Michigan. Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick, announced today that he’s gifting U of M $4 million to develop an all-encompassing esports program at the school. It’s a huge boost for Michigan Esports as the midwest is becoming a […]

Esports Program Profile: St. Thomas (TX)

This week, we’re putting the Houston, Texas-based University of St. Thomas in the spotlight.  The school has a varsity esports program and participates in numerous collegiate leagues, including the Texas Scholastic Esports Federation, the SCAC (Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference), and CLoL (College League of Legends). St. Thomas offers one of the most elaborate and diverse […]

Maryville Win Overwatch Collegiate Championship

After nearly three months of competitive play, only two schools stood atop the hill Sunday afternoon. Maryville and Northwood gave us some of the most exciting Overwatch we’ve seen in months. Going the entire five games, eventually it was Maryville clutching out the 2021 Overwatch Collegiate Championship. Heirs Assumed Going into the playoff weekend, Northwood […]