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All of Esports (AoE) is your source for everything that matters in esports. The show never talks down to you, as it expects you to be a fan of esports before you start listening. Nate and Ric have an opinion on everything in the esports space, and they’ll give it to you in two minutes or less. When the bell sounds, it’s on to the next topic. These two rarely agree on anything, but one thing they do agree on is their commitment to keeping fans in the know and engaged on everything esports!  



Nate Bender

Nate Bender


About Nate: Nate is an eclectic gamer with a long history of playing role playing games and was an early adopter of online gaming. While he’s played nearly every console that’s come out since the original Nintendo, he’s also been a proponent of PC gaming going all the way back to the days of DOS. His favorite games include Chrono Cross, the Legacy of Kain series, the Fallout series, Legend of Dragoon and all of the Metal Gear games. 

About Weirdbeard: Ric Hogerheide, aka “Weird Beard”, has been destined for a life of oddities once he discovered his beard grew in three different colors. A fan of CS:GO and Nintendo games, Weird Beard is the quintessential everyman who loves both casual play and professional Esports games! 




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RSS Collegiate Starleague

  • Waterloo's Team Development in Dota 2 March 25, 2020
    Waterloo’s success this year in Dota 2 was earned through hours of practice to grow as a team, but surprisingly, this championship team only recently met in real life. Find out how UW developed their relationships and earned their success. Written by Carlo Arcovio.
  • CSL Smash West Regionals Recap March 24, 2020
    While the CSL Smash Circuit may be taking an early finish, there has been some spectacular skill showcased throughout the league from each and every player. This skill didn’t stop and showed even at these last Western regionals! Written by De'Angelo Epps.
  • Get Ready for the Next Battle March 24, 2020
    With the local qualifiers behind us we now enter the regional qualifiers of the CSL Smash Circuit for both Ultimate and Melee. Let’s take a look back at some of the most hype moments of this season of Collegiate Starleague Super Smash Brothers. Written by De'Angelo Epps.
  • Standard is Ramping Up! A Look at Ramp in Magic: The Gathering Arena March 20, 2020
    Ramp is (unsurprisingly) back! In this article, we’ll go over what the archetype is doing and all the iterations there are in the Magic: The Gathering Arena metagame at the moment. Written by Wyatt French.
  • CS:GO Patches: Are They More About Cosmetics Than Gameplay? March 19, 2020
    It might seem like there are more cosmetic updates than gameplay updates to CS:GO, but is that true? We analyzed a variety of major patches from the last year to give you the real numbers. Written by Gabriel Ionica.
  • The Collegiate Esports Athlete's Guide to Health & Quarantine Sanity March 18, 2020
    Quarantine seems imminent, but CSL won’t slow down! Take a look at this guide to make sure you know the build order for a healthy lifestyle and the combos to battle COVID-19. Written by Carlo Arcovio.
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena's Post-Worlds Meta March 14, 2020
    In Magic: The Gathering Arena, the Theros Beyond Death metagame has just started heating up. Check out our discussion on what cards are the best to play in Standard right now. Written by Wyatt French.

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