As the music industry evolves, artists are releasing their new songs in unique and creative ways. But would you ever expect an artist to debut their work in a video game? Well, that’s exactly what Dr. Dre had in mind.

Dr. Dre in The Contract

In the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 expansion, The Contract, players team up with Dr. Dre to hunt down his lost phone filled with unreleased music. Dre appears in-game alongside the player, showing up in cutscenes, giving you missions, and talking to you on the phone. 

More notably, Dr. Dre has released some new songs that are exclusively debuting On GTA’s West Coast Classics radio station. The songs were also released on the 29th anniversary of The Chronic, which was archived in the Library of Congress last year. 

Dr. Dre’s new songs from The Contract:

Fallin’ Up

Gospel” (feat. Eminem)

Black Privilege

Diamond Mind‘ (feat. Nipsey Hussle and Ty Dolla $ign)

ETA‘ (feat. Snoop Dogg and Anderson .Paak)

The Scenic Route‘ (Feat. Rick Ross, Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars)


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