How to Find and Unlock The Foundation in Fortnite

Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson has dropped from the battle bus as “The Foundation” in Fortnite: Chapter 3. This isn’t your average cameo, The Rock is an integral part of Fortnite’s story now. Judging by the fact he makes nearly $10 million off of each film that he’s in, we can’t even imagine what Epic must be paying to have The Rock come aboard. 

The conclusion of Fortnite season two has been insane. A new map, battle pass, gameplay mechanics and The Rock’s face reveal in-game has set the Fortnite community ablaze recently.

Now players are scrambling to find him on the map, take him down, and claim a mythic assault rifle that can really bust some heads. We’re going to show you how to find The Foundation so you can get on your way towards another Victory Royale. 

How to find The Foundation in Fortnite Chapter 3

The Foundation can be found in the western part of the map at a point-of-interest called Sanctuary. Here you’ll have to hunt him down as he patrols through the streets. 

The Foundation won’t aggro you right away, you’ll have to initiate him or get close for him to get testy. But once you start you’ll want to have a gameplan in mind. He’s fast, has some crazy powers, absorbs a ton of damage, and can dish it out too. 

While fighting The Foundation can be challenging, it’s certainly winnable. Adept players should have no problem taking him down. Truthfully the most dangerous aspect about fighting The Foundation are the third-parties following the noise, showing up, and clapping you. 

Once you do take him down, and any other challengers, he’ll drop a Mythic assault rifle as a reward. It’s best to try and take down The Foundation early into your match to get that sweet loot before anyone else can. 

How to Unlock The Foundation 

Players have been confused as to why The Foundation’s skin is unavailable in the battle pass. This is because The Foundation is a special skin and will require certain challenges to be completed before unlocking him. 

Right now, these challenges aren’t available to players. So don’t worry, if you want to unlock The Foundation, your chance is coming next year on Feb 3rd. 

If past special skins like the Cube Queen set any example, players will need to take on special quests in order to unlock The Foundation. While these challenges are yet to be seen, we can only imagine that Epic has something wild in store. New challenges, quests and boss battles are already slated for the next few weeks in Fortnite, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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