Netflix is Renewing Arcane For a Second Season

Written by contributing intern Jose Sillas

Not long after its debut, Netflix is renewing Arcane for a second season on the streaming giant. It has entered production with the cast from the first season all making their return. This isn’t a surprise thinking about the overwhelming praise from critics and fans alike. Not to mention that Co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee are “beyond happy” with the reception of the show.

The first week saw Arcane reach 34.2 million viewers and sit in the Netflix top 10. Making it the second most popular series in any language. This success propels the idea of future video game properties to also make their way to Netflix. If the success of Arcane is any indication, plan to see your favorite franchises make a jump to the platform.

You can thank Netflix and Riot Games for the heavy promotion of the show that has led to its overnight success. Even if you don’t play League of Legends, you know this show exists. Hopefully, we are on the cusp of a future with more video game-based titles on streaming platforms. Thank you, Netflix for renewing Arcane! Who was your favorite character or what was your favorite episode?

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TJ Werner

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