Beasley Esports, the company behind the Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws (and for full disclosure CheckpointXP) begins their search for the next team to add to its esports roster.  

The Search For The Next Rocket League Team will be produced in tandem with PAX Online the weekends of July 17th and August 7th. In a celebration of the best amateur, collegiate and unsigned pro teams the Rocket League community will have a chance to show off their best and brightest.

“As a diehard Rocket League fan, I am extremely excited to work with Beasley Esports on building the next pro team for the RLCS” said Luke Thompson, Head of Esports for ReedPop/PAX. “Three lucky Rocketeers are about to have an incredible chance to make their esports dreams come true in a really big way.”

Beasley Esports will then narrow down the contenders to the top 16 teams and culminate in a Final Four Series of Best-of-X Sets on the weekend of August 21st and 22nd. The winning team will be awarded a contract worth up to $15,000month to join Beasley Esports new Rocket League team this fall. Michael White, Director of Operations for the Houston Outlaws will be serving as the new Rocket League team General Manager.

All of the action will be broadcast on multiple channels including PAX Arena’s Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook as well as the Houston Outlaws Twitch and YouTube. The full schedule and dates include…

  • Qualifier #1: July 17 with a full day broadcast on July 18
  • Qualifier #2: August 7 with a full day broadcast on August 8
  • Top 16 Tournament: August 21 full day broadcast
  • Final to Sign: August 22 full day broadcast

This isn’t Beasley Esports first time hosting a tournament or contest for any aspiring gamer to achieve their dreams. Last year they held an American Idol-style competition to find the next big content creator for the Houston Outlaws Overwatch League team. A contest that gave four talented and amazing creators the chance to join the brand. LordEnzo, AlusiveFirefly, AceOfSpades and BustaDuck have all been great additions to an already thriving and vibrant fan scene for the Houston Outlaws.

“Beasley Esports’ expansion into Rocket League will give our organization the ability to scale and reach many more fans almost overnight,” says Lori Burgess, COO of Beasley Esports. “With Rocket League being such a tremendously popular game and esport, we hope to introduce many new fans to esports with this fun to watch and play game–bringing immense value to our fans and sponsors, making Houston and South Texas an epicenter for esports.”

Think you have what it takes to be on The Next Rocket League Team? Get all the details and sign up now at and be ready to show off your skills. Don’t forget to follow @BERocketLeague on Twitter for updates.

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Feature Image Courtesy of Beasley Media and the Houston Outlaws.

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