Activision Parts Ways with Ghost Voice Actor, Apex Legends Bocek Bow Nerf, Dallas Fuel Sign Pine

Activision cuts ties with the voice actor of one of their most iconic properties after sexist remarks the actor made on stream are circulated, leaving a BILLION dollar franchise without a voice actor for a well-known role. Plus, Apex Legends’ devs respond to community outcry over the new weapon introduced in Season 9, promising a nerf to the overpowered weapon wreaking havoc in both the battle royale and newly released Arena modes. And, the Overwatch League May Melee champs sign a DPS legend from Season 1 making his return to the league in Pine.

Activison Cuts Ties With Call Of Duty Ghost Actor After Sexist Comments

Activision has officially called it quits with voice actor Jeff Leach, who provides the voice for Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, after Leach was recently launched into the spotlight after a compilation of comments he made on his stream that was seen as sexist, violent, and overall just pretty gross. Activision has confirmed that they not only have called it quits with Leach but also promised that they wouldn’t be working with the voice actor moving forward again.

Apex Legends Devs Promise Nerf to Bocek Bow

Season 9 of the (in my opinion) best battle royale on the market right now, Apex Legends, is off to a somewhat up and down start. For the highs, the season saw the most concurrent players ever in the game, a feat that is tough to equal with how many seasons the game has gone through so far. On top of that, the newest legend that they released, Valkyrie, is super cool with her jetpack and might just be super cute to boot. But, on the lows, there has been a handful that seems to really stand out. On launch day, the game’s servers crashed and didn’t allow people to jump into the brand new season that they were so excited to play. But bigger than that, there has been a huge community outcry over something called the Bocek bow.

OWL May Melee champs Dallas Fuel sign DPS legend Pine

Seems like the anime protagonists of the Overwatch League are on the move again, just a day after winning the huge May Melee tournament, the team announced they would be signing legendary DPS player Pine, making his return to the League after having a first season that only most can dream of. He was THE McCree that made NYXL seem like gods amongst men. And while Pine had an amazing season, the meta shifted, and with that, Pine slowly drifted out to sea before finally being released.

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Activision

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